Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Winter of the World - 29

You Should Read This Book if You
 read the first book, Fall of the Giants
would love a great story that also teaches you a ton of history in an engaging way
always wondered how Hitler fooled a nation
love a book with a lot of characters who you can follow through 100 years (really)
You Should Not Read This Book if You
did not read the first book
you do not want a book that is heavily laced with very authentic history
could not care less about reading about Hitler
can not keep up with multiple characters in different nations through 100 years (seriously)

Dragonfly in Amber - 28

You Should Read This Book if
you read the first one and want to know what is going to happen.
you love time travel.
you are interested in ancient European History.
you love getting involved in a long series of books.
You Should Not Read This Book if
you have not read the first book in the series The Outlander.
you think time travel is dumb.
you could not care less about and do not want to know about ancient European History.
you do not want to get sucked into a series of books.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Prepared for a Purpose - 27

Reasons You Should Read This Book
  1. Reading about God's deliverance from danger interests you.
  2. A well written understanding of what it feels like to be betrayed by another person would be something you could relate to.
  3. Reading about  how a person remained calm and collected in the face of death sounds like something you would enjoy.
  4. Realizing how someone faces many disappointments and still finds purpose would be a good read to you.
  5. You love a good personal story woven in with the main incident of the book.
Reasons You Should Not Read This Book
  1. All the mumbo jumbo about turning to God in a time of danger is not interesting to you.
  2. You have been betrayed and do not want to revisit those feelings.
  3. Reading about a school shooting incident would interest you, but you don't want to read about someone's tragic life issues as well.
  4. Your feel if we had gun control none of this would happen, so it's just stupid that we are writing about this anyway. 

Friday, November 14, 2014

Wild - 26


Reasons to Read This Book
  1. You have always wanted to do something crazy and daring so would a practice run by reading this book would work just great.
  2. It has been your life dream to take off alone on a long hike.
  3. A book that weaves a person's past and present life together in an intriguing and engaging way is your idea of a good read.
  4. Reading about a family that might even been more messed up than yours sounds like a great way to spend your time.
  5. You love to read stories about perseverance, superachievers, and success!
Reasons Not to Read This Book
  1. You want a book with made up lives - not a book about real lives of dysfunctional people.
  2. The very thought of hiking a trail until your feet are completely trashed just nauseates you and would not provide you entertainment.
  3. Thinking about messed up families is not what you want to do in your free time.
  4. You could not care less about adventure, bucket lists, and leaving your life to find your life. 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Fall of the Giants - 25

Fall of the Giants

Reasons to Read This Book
  1. WWI is a mystery to you, so you'd appreciate an engaging crash course.
  2. A series that spans three books and 100 years intrigues you.
  3. Intertwining lives across a wide variety of families makes a great read for you.
  4. Real historical events and words played out in fictitious but possible lives sounds like the way you'd like to spend several hours.
  5. A book that tells the hard, cold truth is your cup of tea.
Reasons to Not Read This Book
  1. No way do you want to get tied up with four families, 100 years, and reading 3 books.
  2. "Let the past be the 'past" is your motto - you want modern day stories.
  3. To read about horrible mistakes that cost way too many lives is not your idea of entertainment.
  4. You want happy stories, happy endings, no surprises.
  5. There are too many books to read for you to get involved with three extremely long ones that you won't be able to stop once you start. 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Lissett's List - 24

Lissett's List
Reasons You Should Read This Book
  1. Art intrigues you!
  2. Who done it, whose cheating on who, who is dying of a horrible disease books have exhausted you.
  3. Beautiful writing is important to you.
  4. "Give me some small town in France during WWII stories" is your motto.
  5. Interesting characters are important to you.
  6. Making a list of important things to your life would be a great thing for you.

 Reasons You Should NOT Read This Book
  1. Art History?  Are you kidding me?  Does anyone care about that?
  2. A book that makes you think too hard bores you.
  3. Characters that are just learning about life and loving put our to sleep.
  4. "Enough of WWII already" is your motto.
  5. History - yuck - give me contemporary settings.
Reasons I Read This Book
I love to read about small town communities and how Europe coped during WWII.  The loveliness of these characters and how they knew what was important in life pulled me in.  BUT it actually was the emphasis on the art and artists that intrigued me.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Unphiltered - 23


Reasons You Should Read This Book

1.      The life and philosophy of Phil Robertson intrigue you.

2.      Finding out how the GQ interview really went down is something you’d like to find out.

3.      Duck Dynasty life and how those people live it is something you can’t get enough of.

4.      As a conservative Christian, you would enjoy reading Phil’s views on hot topics of the day.

5.      As a liberal or nonbeliever you cannot imagine how Phil thinks the way he does.


Reasons You Should Not Read This Book

1.      As a Christian, you are offended at Phil’s brashness.

2.      As a liberal, you are offended at Phil’s brashness.

3.      Reading about a man who has beliefs based on the Bible would be ridiculous to you.

4.      You feel you’ve heard all this Bible Thumping business before.

5.      The Robertson family doesn’t seem real to you.

Why I read this book – I knew Phil before he became a Christian and find his transformation astounding, literally.  As a Christian, I enjoy reading back stories of why we believe as we do today and why we should look at things from a Biblical viewpoint.  Phil is intelligent and writes to thinkers but never sugar coats anything.  His books are just down to earth great nonfiction reading.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Beautiful Ruins - 22

Beautiful Ruins
Reasons You Should Read This Book
  1. Reading a lovely book about some loveable characters is your cup of tea.
  2. European's old world charm pulls you in.
  3. You love to pull for the underdog.
  4. Happy endings make you happy.
Reasons You Should Not Read This Book
  1. You can't stand intertwining real  people with fictional people.
  2. Fast paced who done it books are the only ones who love.
  3. European old life is too archaic for you.
  4. Keep the book in this time, short and to the point would be your motto. 


Sunday, November 2, 2014

Gray Mountain - 21

Gray Mountain

Reasons You Should Read This Book
  1. Reading every John Grisham book is a personal goal of yours.
  2. The exploitation by coal mining companies of people and land intrigues and maddens you.
  3. Wondering how the small guys take on the big guys in court would make a good read for you.
  4. The differences between big city corporate law and small not for profit law companies would be great to read about.
  5. A book with little true romance and lots of true personal tragedy is your cup of tea.
  6. You love to read about a good David and Goliath battle even if it is fiction.
  7. You like a lot of behind the scenes law, but don't have to have the true courtroom battles and even find out what happened in the law suits.
Reasons You Should Not Read This Book
  1. Courtroom drama and finding out what happens to the fictional characters drives you to a law book.
  2. The hard life of those in the coal industry does not interest you.
  3. It frustrates you to read about how money is king even in our judicial system.
  4. Watching the big boys run rampage through our country with little consequences just irritates you.
  5. You like real life stories where there is a bit of pure love involved not just romping in the sack.
  6. Believing there are lawyers who really care, go to school for years and will work for hardly nothing, and take on the giants is a stretch for you even in fiction.
  7.  Finding out the horrors of the coal industry would just bore you, and you couldn't really care less.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Goldfinch - 20

Reasons You Should Read This Book

1.     Reading a 700+ book that is a page turner makes your heart skip several beats.

2.     A book that develops a wide variety of characters in great depth is so hard to find, you must grab one when it is available.

3.     It has you at hello with a tragic situation that dominates the protagonist’s entire life.

4.     You love characters that you hate.

5.     When you read you love to say – Oh! No!

6.     There are books you have to engage in for the long haul because you must know how the devil the thing will turn out.

7.     You do not have to have a happy ending.

Reasons You Should Not Read This Book

1.     700 pages? Really?

2.     The disgusting mistakes people make drive you batty.

3.     When things that should work out constantly don’t, it annoys you.

4.     Great sorrow and loss is not entertaining to you.

5.     You feel people should live right and do right by people, and you don’t find pleasure in books about the other kind of people

6.     Beautiful words and writing at great length are not as important to you as a shorter, more fast paced, simple novel.


Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Children Act - 19

The Children Act

Why You Should Read This Book
1.     You have been betrayed and would be comforted that your feelings are not unique or horrible.
2.     The workings of the law are curiosity to you.
3.     How the higher court judges come up with their reasons are something you’d like to explore.
4.     Reading about decent, yet ambitious people captivates you.
5.     The cause for religions to teach what they teach is of interest to you.
6.     Excellent writing and superb vocabulary is hard to find, so it will draw you in like a fine bottle of wine.
Why You Should Not Read This Book
1.     You have been betrayed and the thought of reading about it would be too painful.
2.     British law would bore you.
3.     It is not entertaining to you to read about the foolishness of others.
4.     Surprise endings are not your thing.
5.     You have let others down many times and would not want to revisit those feelings.
6.     Light, fast moving, simple plots are more to your liking than thought provoking text.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Outlander- 18


Reasons You Should Read This Book
  1. Time travel is interesting to you.
  2. You love passionate love stories.
  3. Reading about ancient times intrigues you.
  4. You don't faint at the reading of blood.
  5. A man with an accent is something you cannot resist.
  6. Series are your thing.
  7. You have no trouble keeping up with multiple characters.

Reasons You Should Not Read This Book
  1. You've seen the movies.
  2. Time travel is ridiculous in your opinion.
  3. The thought of living where there is not indoor plumbing repulses you.
  4. You do not have a strong constitution when it comes to gore.
  5. Dialect from country people exasperate you.
  6. You do not want to be sucked into a long series of books.
  7. The thought of myriads of characters with weird names makes your head spin. 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

#Girlboss 17


Reasons You Should Read This Book
  1. You can't resist a great success story.
  2. Learning the secrets of become a multimillionaire intrigue you.
  3. Out of the box people are interesting to you.
  4. You like to laugh.
  5. Reading about good old fashion hard work comforts you.
  6. A most likely to never happen true story gets your attention.
Reasons You Should Not Read This book
  1. You want a staged story, not real life.
  2. Women should never be in charge is your mantra.
  3. Profanity bothers you.
  4. You already know everything about being successful.
  5. Someone ratting themselves out freaks you out. 

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Belong To Me 16


Reasons to Read This Book
  1. You love Chic Lit.
  2. Stories that intertwine semi normal and not so normal lives interest you. 
  3. Sporadic genius writing draws you in.
  4. You love it when the characters figure it out.
  5. You've read Love Walked In and want to read the sequel.
Reasons to Not Read This Book
  1. You hate Chic Lit.
  2. Embellishment bores you.
  3. People who work out hard situations seem unrealistic.
  4. You haven't read Love Walked In.
  5. Goodie Goodies are annoying to you.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Boys in the Boat

Reasons to Read This Book
  1. You are tired of hearing them called the greatest generation but not knowing why they are called that.
  2. There needs to be a book that makes sense of what happened to this country.
  3. Reading about Americans who pulled their weight, weren't looking for a handout, and yet creating greatness appeals to you.
  4. It amazes you how Hitler got away with so much horror, and you want to know how that happened.
  5. You love a good, true story of the good guys winning.
Reasons to Not Read This Book
  1. American stories of greatness bores you.
  2. You think Hitler got a bad rap and don't want to read the truth about him and his regime.
  3. Hard work and integrity nauseate you. 
  4. You are Anti American.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Husband's Secret


Reasons to Read This Book
  1. It has you at hello.
  2. You enjoy books about  enter webbed lives that bring stories and people together in very unexpected ways.
  3. A book that makes you go - WHAT? appeals to you. 
  4. Acquiring an arsenal on "what to do with secrets men could possibly have" interests  you.
  5. There is an understanding that you enjoy pondering and reading about - that on any day we all could be guilty of almost anything .
  6. Reading a book that shocks you, excites you.
  7. You revel in the knowledge that it takes all kinds to make this dysfunctional world we live in.
  8. It intrigues you to think of what you would do in a no win situation.
Reasons to Not Read This Book
  1. Happy situations are what you want to read about.
  2. Thinking about what you would do in impossible scenarios only stresses you out.
  3. When reading a book you want clear cut right and wrongs to hang you mind on. 
  4. A husband with a horrible secret it too close to home for comfort of you.
  5. A book with twists and turns leaves you confused and dazed - just give it to me straight is your motto.

Drop Dead Healthy


Reasons You Should Read This Book

  1. You would like an overview of a lot of health fads, facts, and research.
  2. Reading ideas from many varied experts sounds like a one stop shop for finding out about being healthy.,
  3. You would like an overview of several aspects of mental and physical health.
  4. Reading a book about health while watching the lives of people in a family who are at different healthy junctions would interest you.
  5. You would enjoy reading a  humorous look at the health industry in America. 
  6. Finding a jumping off spot for an education on health is something that would help you.
Reasons You Should Not Read This Book
  1. Reading a scattered amount of information on a plethora of health ideas seems too confusing for you.
  2. Health is a serious subject to you, so you don't want to read about a rookie "trying out" health ideas.
  3. What you want is a book about one idea that you can sink your teeth into that is suppose to change your life. 
  4. You want a book about health from a genuine health expert, not a jackpot writer who wants to make money off of your health ignorance.
  5. If at the end of this book there are no concrete recommendations, you feel you would have wasted your time. 

Monday, September 29, 2014

The Aviator's Wife

Reasons to Read This Book
  1. Reading this book will cause you to learn the real truth about the life of the famous Charles Lindbergh.
  2. This book can cause you to appreciate the husband you have.
  3. You are intrigued about how women make it through sad times to a full life - no matter how long it takes them.
  4. You have always be interested in the Lindbergh kidnapping story.
  5. You find pleasure in a woman taking her own happiness in her own hands.
  6. You enjoy a bit of a shock about a historic, famous person's life.
Reasons to Not Read This Book.
  1. You believe women are to be subservient to even the most unloving husband.
  2. You want to stay in adoration of Charles Lindbergh.
  3. You don't like true stories that aren't easy on the heart.
  4. You want to read a fairy tale about a perfect life.
  5. You don't love reading about how far women have come.

Saturday, September 27, 2014


Reasons to Read This Book
  1. You are a patriot and love reading books about our national heroes.
  2. You are a Christian and love reading books about how Christ changes peoples lives.
  3. You are a military man and love to read about your fellow warriors.
  4. You are a parent of a military man or woman and want to see an inside view of military life.
  5. You love a good bad boy to man of incredible worth story.
  6. You are constantly confused by military people and want to know what they get out of serving and endangering their life.
  7. You are a family man or woman and love to read about others who share your love for the family.
Reasons to Not Read This Book
  1. You are not a fan of military stories.
  2. You could not care less about why people serve in the military.
  3. You enjoy more fiction books that aren't so real life.
  4. You would be turned off by a person's desire to put their country before their family.
  5. You are a pacifist and would not like to even think about military engagements or the people who pride themselves in them.
  6. You don't believe people should put their country before their family.

Kisses From Katie

Reasons to Read This Book
  1. You love to be amazed.
  2. You need someone reminding you of the good guys in the world.
  3. You want to read about real people doing really fantastic things versus fake people making a complete mess of their lives.
  4. You love people who make a real difference in the world.
  5. You would love to be part of making a real difference in the world.
  6. You are not afraid to read about the downtrodden in the world even from your comfy chair in your air conditioned home.
  7. You want to read about something that took real courage.
Reasons Not to Read This Book
  1. You like fast moving fiction that makes you comfortable and feel warm and fuzzy inside.
  2. You are not a Christian.
  3. You are tired of the Haves always having to feel sorry for the Have Nots.
  4. You like to read about something that doesn't stretch your conscience.
  5. You believe reading should be for pleasure and not to cause you to have to think about extremely poor, unfortunate children in other countries. 

The Invention of Wings


Reasons to Read This Book
  1. You love reading a book that you think "that would never happen" and find out that it did.
  2. You admire courageous people.
  3. You love a story told from many points of view.
  4. You love to read about David and Goliath stories.
  5. You enjoy a good antagonist that gets your goat.
  6. You believe good things can come out of horrible situations.
  7. You care about women's rights and civil rights.
Reasons to Not Read This Book
  1. You are not interested in the struggle of the African American slaves in the United States.
  2. You are not interested in the struggle of women in the United States.
  3. You are intimidated about women who risked everything to do something right, honorable, and heroic.
  4. You enjoy more a short not-so-real life fantasy that takes you away like a Calgon bath.
  5. You can't stomach the horrors of slavery or prefer not to know about them.  

Twelve Years a Slave


Reasons to Read This Book
  1. Although you may not like it, you are not afraid to look at the history of the United States and shudder.
  2. You have a desire to understand underlying causes of much racism.
  3. You enjoy a compelling, unbelievable, heartbreaking, and heart warming story.
  4. You enjoy justice even if it is belated.
  5. You can open your mind to real life horrors.
  6. You enjoy a well written book that keeps you turning the pages in hope.
Reason to Not Read This Book
  1. You have no desire to read about human cruelty.
  2. You know slavery was bad, but it is over and you don't want to think about it.
  3. You do not have the stomach for heart breaking, true stories no matter how they turn out.
  4. You are not from the South, don't care about the South therefore do not desire to be educated about the South.
  5. Gone With the Wind is your version of how you want to believe slavery occurred.


The One & Only

Reasons to Read This Book
  1. You enjoy reading about complicated relationship circles.
  2. Out of the norm relationships don't bother you.
  3. You like football.
  4. You believe football fans should be obsessed.
  5. You are obsessed with a football team.
  6. You want to read a book that you probably know how it will end, but you are intrigued on how the author will get there.
  7. You are not concerned about substance, just a surface story.
Reasons to Not Read This Book
  1. You really don't like predictable.
  2. You really don't care for football.
  3. You really don't get it why people are obsessed with a football team.
  4. You think people should stay in traditional relationships.
  5. You like a book that makes you want to evaluate your life.

The Total Money Makeover


Reasons to Read This Book
  1. You are broke all the time.
  2. You can't figure out how to prepare for retirement.
  3. You want exact, even if painful, steps on how to make your money work for you.
  4. You are tired of being a slave to your money.
  5. You believe anyone can become financially sound.
Reasons to Not Read This Book

  1. You are financially set.
  2. You never worry about money.
  3. Your money is your slave.
  4. You are prepared for retirement.

The Dirty Life

Reasons to Read This Book
  1. A book that shows a very unique way to live intrigues you.
  2. You want to know why organic food is so expensive.
  3. You like the "how in the world did those two get together" type of books.
  4. You want to feel good about your easy drive to the store to pick up food.
  5. Learning about different ways to look at life interests you.
  6. You don't mind reading a lot of detail about organic farming, or you have the ability to skim a book to get the meat out.
  7. You like to read about people who press on with their dreams through hardships (I mean not real hardships) for their dreams to come true.
Reasons to Not Read This Book
  1. When you want a love story you want excitement and passion on a good portion of the pages.
  2. You could not care less how organic farming works and  want to keep complaining about how expensive it is and how it probably isn't even that much better for you than nonorganic food.
  3. You think organic people are kooky and make us all just feel guilty about our love for processed food.
  4. You want more depth into the true heart of the main characters, their family, past and true feelings. .
  5. You can't skim a book, so will read page after page of details on organic farming that you would not be interested in.
  6. You don't want to read about people who deal with hardships to make their dreams come true.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry

Reasons to Read This Book
  1. You love a "this is the way it should be" story vs real life.
  2. You love books and love people who love them as much as you do.
  3. You imagine people really getting rescued in life.
  4. You don't have to have a perfect ending.
  5. You think weird people are worthy to be written about.
  6. You weren't totally taken by the in crowd when you were in school but knew other people really had more substance.
Reasons Not to Read This Book
  1. You are weak hearted for tragedy.
  2. You only read about the "cool" people.
  3. You think you are too cool for the uncool people.
  4. You distain book stores.
  5. You have a very limited knowledge of books and how people adore them.
  6. You are still obsessed with the populars from your high school and stalk them on Facebook.

The Walk - The Series

Reasons You Should Read It
  1. You like drawn out stories.
  2. You like a lot of description of places and food.
  3. You like very unrealistic scenarios that workout unusually nicely.
  4. You like the thought of being able to escape everything and head out on an dangerously long walk.
  5. You can get these books from the library.
  6. You can wade through a lot of information for a basically redeeming and fairly story.
  7. You are interested on what attractions and otherwise might be is on a path from Oregon to Florida.
  8. You love to hear about broken people who heal.
Reasons You Should Not Read It
  1. You're a sucker for only really true life fiction.
  2. You want to read books that move quickly over meaningful material, not just material.
  3. You want to really take a long distance walk and you are gathering valuable information.
  4. You can't stand books that have scenarios that would honestly never happen.
  5. You expect meat in your bun.
  6. You know when the publisher makes you buy several books over several years - you are in a marketing test that you don't want to be in.


All The Light We Cannot See

Reasons You Should Read This Book
  1. You believe if he took ten years to write it, you should take however long to read it.
  2. You love WWII books.
  3. You love books that beautifully intertwine stories and intersect people.
  4. You love to cheer for the under dog.
  5. You want to read books that you really can't figure out how the author will pull everything together.
  6. You enjoy endings that are not forced fairly tales.
Reasons You Should Not Read This Book
  1. You get confused easily.
  2. You can't relate to details, depth, and deplorable conditions.
  3. You know little to nothing about WWII.
  4. You can't wait very long for a book to blossom into a work of art.
  5. You want your books to tie up in a beautiful package.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Thirty Girls

Reasons you should read this book:
1)  You love to read words that work.  Words the come alive and grab your mind.
2)  You want to awaken to things going on in the world.
3)  You are not afraid to be challenged about the ease of your life.
4)  You are not afraid to look into the thoughts of hurting people.
5)  You wonder how people get through horrible things.
6)  You are curious about how people live in different lands.
Reasons you should not read this book:
1)  You want something fast and shallow.
2)  You do not want something that makes you think, ponder, and feel responsible for hurting people.
3)  You do not want a book that is full of unhappy, dysfunctional people.
4)  You do not care about the dangers in other countries.
5)  You can't imagine spending leisure reading time agonizing over great horrors in today's world.
Reasons I finished this book:
   I promised myself that after reading one third of a book, I would put it down if it isn't grabbing me forward.  I can't say this book did this to me to an extreme, but it did embrace me with fabulous sentences that I loved, loved, loved.  Writing that made me want to read every word - which is something I rarely do.
  I also wondered how this main character would make it through her issues.  I wanted the main character to be more proactive in the cause, but maybe like many people feel in this country, she felt like - what can one person do to end horrible atrocities?
  I like quality in my literature on occasion along with real issues.