Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Invention of Wings


Reasons to Read This Book
  1. You love reading a book that you think "that would never happen" and find out that it did.
  2. You admire courageous people.
  3. You love a story told from many points of view.
  4. You love to read about David and Goliath stories.
  5. You enjoy a good antagonist that gets your goat.
  6. You believe good things can come out of horrible situations.
  7. You care about women's rights and civil rights.
Reasons to Not Read This Book
  1. You are not interested in the struggle of the African American slaves in the United States.
  2. You are not interested in the struggle of women in the United States.
  3. You are intimidated about women who risked everything to do something right, honorable, and heroic.
  4. You enjoy more a short not-so-real life fantasy that takes you away like a Calgon bath.
  5. You can't stomach the horrors of slavery or prefer not to know about them.  

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