Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Walk - The Series

Reasons You Should Read It
  1. You like drawn out stories.
  2. You like a lot of description of places and food.
  3. You like very unrealistic scenarios that workout unusually nicely.
  4. You like the thought of being able to escape everything and head out on an dangerously long walk.
  5. You can get these books from the library.
  6. You can wade through a lot of information for a basically redeeming and fairly story.
  7. You are interested on what attractions and otherwise might be is on a path from Oregon to Florida.
  8. You love to hear about broken people who heal.
Reasons You Should Not Read It
  1. You're a sucker for only really true life fiction.
  2. You want to read books that move quickly over meaningful material, not just material.
  3. You want to really take a long distance walk and you are gathering valuable information.
  4. You can't stand books that have scenarios that would honestly never happen.
  5. You expect meat in your bun.
  6. You know when the publisher makes you buy several books over several years - you are in a marketing test that you don't want to be in.


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