Saturday, September 6, 2014

Thirty Girls

Reasons you should read this book:
1)  You love to read words that work.  Words the come alive and grab your mind.
2)  You want to awaken to things going on in the world.
3)  You are not afraid to be challenged about the ease of your life.
4)  You are not afraid to look into the thoughts of hurting people.
5)  You wonder how people get through horrible things.
6)  You are curious about how people live in different lands.
Reasons you should not read this book:
1)  You want something fast and shallow.
2)  You do not want something that makes you think, ponder, and feel responsible for hurting people.
3)  You do not want a book that is full of unhappy, dysfunctional people.
4)  You do not care about the dangers in other countries.
5)  You can't imagine spending leisure reading time agonizing over great horrors in today's world.
Reasons I finished this book:
   I promised myself that after reading one third of a book, I would put it down if it isn't grabbing me forward.  I can't say this book did this to me to an extreme, but it did embrace me with fabulous sentences that I loved, loved, loved.  Writing that made me want to read every word - which is something I rarely do.
  I also wondered how this main character would make it through her issues.  I wanted the main character to be more proactive in the cause, but maybe like many people feel in this country, she felt like - what can one person do to end horrible atrocities?
  I like quality in my literature on occasion along with real issues.

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