Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Children Act - 19

The Children Act

Why You Should Read This Book
1.     You have been betrayed and would be comforted that your feelings are not unique or horrible.
2.     The workings of the law are curiosity to you.
3.     How the higher court judges come up with their reasons are something you’d like to explore.
4.     Reading about decent, yet ambitious people captivates you.
5.     The cause for religions to teach what they teach is of interest to you.
6.     Excellent writing and superb vocabulary is hard to find, so it will draw you in like a fine bottle of wine.
Why You Should Not Read This Book
1.     You have been betrayed and the thought of reading about it would be too painful.
2.     British law would bore you.
3.     It is not entertaining to you to read about the foolishness of others.
4.     Surprise endings are not your thing.
5.     You have let others down many times and would not want to revisit those feelings.
6.     Light, fast moving, simple plots are more to your liking than thought provoking text.

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