Saturday, October 4, 2014

Drop Dead Healthy


Reasons You Should Read This Book

  1. You would like an overview of a lot of health fads, facts, and research.
  2. Reading ideas from many varied experts sounds like a one stop shop for finding out about being healthy.,
  3. You would like an overview of several aspects of mental and physical health.
  4. Reading a book about health while watching the lives of people in a family who are at different healthy junctions would interest you.
  5. You would enjoy reading a  humorous look at the health industry in America. 
  6. Finding a jumping off spot for an education on health is something that would help you.
Reasons You Should Not Read This Book
  1. Reading a scattered amount of information on a plethora of health ideas seems too confusing for you.
  2. Health is a serious subject to you, so you don't want to read about a rookie "trying out" health ideas.
  3. What you want is a book about one idea that you can sink your teeth into that is suppose to change your life. 
  4. You want a book about health from a genuine health expert, not a jackpot writer who wants to make money off of your health ignorance.
  5. If at the end of this book there are no concrete recommendations, you feel you would have wasted your time. 

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