Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Goldfinch - 20

Reasons You Should Read This Book

1.     Reading a 700+ book that is a page turner makes your heart skip several beats.

2.     A book that develops a wide variety of characters in great depth is so hard to find, you must grab one when it is available.

3.     It has you at hello with a tragic situation that dominates the protagonist’s entire life.

4.     You love characters that you hate.

5.     When you read you love to say – Oh! No!

6.     There are books you have to engage in for the long haul because you must know how the devil the thing will turn out.

7.     You do not have to have a happy ending.

Reasons You Should Not Read This Book

1.     700 pages? Really?

2.     The disgusting mistakes people make drive you batty.

3.     When things that should work out constantly don’t, it annoys you.

4.     Great sorrow and loss is not entertaining to you.

5.     You feel people should live right and do right by people, and you don’t find pleasure in books about the other kind of people

6.     Beautiful words and writing at great length are not as important to you as a shorter, more fast paced, simple novel.


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