Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Husband's Secret


Reasons to Read This Book
  1. It has you at hello.
  2. You enjoy books about  enter webbed lives that bring stories and people together in very unexpected ways.
  3. A book that makes you go - WHAT? appeals to you. 
  4. Acquiring an arsenal on "what to do with secrets men could possibly have" interests  you.
  5. There is an understanding that you enjoy pondering and reading about - that on any day we all could be guilty of almost anything .
  6. Reading a book that shocks you, excites you.
  7. You revel in the knowledge that it takes all kinds to make this dysfunctional world we live in.
  8. It intrigues you to think of what you would do in a no win situation.
Reasons to Not Read This Book
  1. Happy situations are what you want to read about.
  2. Thinking about what you would do in impossible scenarios only stresses you out.
  3. When reading a book you want clear cut right and wrongs to hang you mind on. 
  4. A husband with a horrible secret it too close to home for comfort of you.
  5. A book with twists and turns leaves you confused and dazed - just give it to me straight is your motto.

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