Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Fall of the Giants - 25

Fall of the Giants

Reasons to Read This Book
  1. WWI is a mystery to you, so you'd appreciate an engaging crash course.
  2. A series that spans three books and 100 years intrigues you.
  3. Intertwining lives across a wide variety of families makes a great read for you.
  4. Real historical events and words played out in fictitious but possible lives sounds like the way you'd like to spend several hours.
  5. A book that tells the hard, cold truth is your cup of tea.
Reasons to Not Read This Book
  1. No way do you want to get tied up with four families, 100 years, and reading 3 books.
  2. "Let the past be the 'past" is your motto - you want modern day stories.
  3. To read about horrible mistakes that cost way too many lives is not your idea of entertainment.
  4. You want happy stories, happy endings, no surprises.
  5. There are too many books to read for you to get involved with three extremely long ones that you won't be able to stop once you start. 

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