Sunday, November 2, 2014

Gray Mountain - 21

Gray Mountain

Reasons You Should Read This Book
  1. Reading every John Grisham book is a personal goal of yours.
  2. The exploitation by coal mining companies of people and land intrigues and maddens you.
  3. Wondering how the small guys take on the big guys in court would make a good read for you.
  4. The differences between big city corporate law and small not for profit law companies would be great to read about.
  5. A book with little true romance and lots of true personal tragedy is your cup of tea.
  6. You love to read about a good David and Goliath battle even if it is fiction.
  7. You like a lot of behind the scenes law, but don't have to have the true courtroom battles and even find out what happened in the law suits.
Reasons You Should Not Read This Book
  1. Courtroom drama and finding out what happens to the fictional characters drives you to a law book.
  2. The hard life of those in the coal industry does not interest you.
  3. It frustrates you to read about how money is king even in our judicial system.
  4. Watching the big boys run rampage through our country with little consequences just irritates you.
  5. You like real life stories where there is a bit of pure love involved not just romping in the sack.
  6. Believing there are lawyers who really care, go to school for years and will work for hardly nothing, and take on the giants is a stretch for you even in fiction.
  7.  Finding out the horrors of the coal industry would just bore you, and you couldn't really care less.

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