Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Lissett's List - 24

Lissett's List
Reasons You Should Read This Book
  1. Art intrigues you!
  2. Who done it, whose cheating on who, who is dying of a horrible disease books have exhausted you.
  3. Beautiful writing is important to you.
  4. "Give me some small town in France during WWII stories" is your motto.
  5. Interesting characters are important to you.
  6. Making a list of important things to your life would be a great thing for you.

 Reasons You Should NOT Read This Book
  1. Art History?  Are you kidding me?  Does anyone care about that?
  2. A book that makes you think too hard bores you.
  3. Characters that are just learning about life and loving put our to sleep.
  4. "Enough of WWII already" is your motto.
  5. History - yuck - give me contemporary settings.
Reasons I Read This Book
I love to read about small town communities and how Europe coped during WWII.  The loveliness of these characters and how they knew what was important in life pulled me in.  BUT it actually was the emphasis on the art and artists that intrigued me.

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