Thursday, November 6, 2014

Unphiltered - 23


Reasons You Should Read This Book

1.      The life and philosophy of Phil Robertson intrigue you.

2.      Finding out how the GQ interview really went down is something you’d like to find out.

3.      Duck Dynasty life and how those people live it is something you can’t get enough of.

4.      As a conservative Christian, you would enjoy reading Phil’s views on hot topics of the day.

5.      As a liberal or nonbeliever you cannot imagine how Phil thinks the way he does.


Reasons You Should Not Read This Book

1.      As a Christian, you are offended at Phil’s brashness.

2.      As a liberal, you are offended at Phil’s brashness.

3.      Reading about a man who has beliefs based on the Bible would be ridiculous to you.

4.      You feel you’ve heard all this Bible Thumping business before.

5.      The Robertson family doesn’t seem real to you.

Why I read this book – I knew Phil before he became a Christian and find his transformation astounding, literally.  As a Christian, I enjoy reading back stories of why we believe as we do today and why we should look at things from a Biblical viewpoint.  Phil is intelligent and writes to thinkers but never sugar coats anything.  His books are just down to earth great nonfiction reading.

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