Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Where'd You Go, Bernadette? - 32


Reasons You Should Read This Book
  1. You have seriously always wondered what Microsoft was like.
  2. Reading a book that makes you feel more sane the others is attractive to you.
  3. A unique format in a book intrigues you.
  4. Hyperbole does not bother you.
  5. Laughing does not bother you.
  6. And they did not live perfectly ever after does not bother you.
Reasons You Should Not Read This Boo
  1. Having your reality stretched has already happened too much for you in real life.
  2. A book that has a textbook plot graph is your cup of tea - you get confused easily.
  3. You have enough real live crazy people in your own life.
  4. Hyperbole bothers you.
  5. Laughing bothers you.
  6. Living perfectly ever after is your default ending preference. 

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