Tuesday, February 3, 2015

37 Hannah Coulter

You should read this book if
  1. you love beautiful writing.
  2. you're a little bit old fashioned and you heart warms to the older ways.
  3. family in your life has taken different roads and you'd like to think about it together with Mr. Berry.
  4. believing in a love that lasts beyond the grave resonates with your heart.
  5. this world is moving way too fast for you, and you long for more simple ways.
You should NOT read this book if
  1. only a fast paced novel really keeps your attention.
  2. the new way people live today is your passion.
  3. family is just another word for responsibility.
  4. you have your mind made up on most issues and do not want it cluttered with strange, old ideas.
  5. love is not a many splendored thing in your opinion.